Restore Your Core My signature online program to kick-start your recovery and fitness post-baby and rebuild your core!

We all know motherhood is physically demanding – so you need to prepare and train for it. It’s the life stage where you need to be at your strongest and fittest. You need to keep up with all the lifting of babies and toddlers, pram pushing and running after kids.

We don’t want you to worry about the urge to pee or an aching back again. We want you to feel fit and vibrant! That’s why you need the Restore Your Core program.

It’s an 8-week online program to kick-start your recovery and fitness post-baby and includes daily exercises, interviews and video resources designed to help you rebuild your core after pregnancy and beyond.

Are you ready to take the 8 week challenge?

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Restore Your Core For real mums

The Restore Your Core program is the result of my 15+ years experience as a physio, helping over 5000 women recover post-childbirth with safe and effective exercise, including restoring core muscle function and diastasis recti (DRAM) recovery.

Each week, we’ll guide you through 5 daily exercises, with each one designed to restore your core, improve your posture and alignment, aid the recovery process, help your tummy regain shape and tone, and prepare your body for the demands of motherhood. Restore Your Core can help you:

  • strengthen your core and pelvic floor muscles
  • alleviate back pain
  • improve abdominal tone
  • perfect your posture 
  • return to exercise with an experienced
  • lay the foundations for a fit, strong body, and
  • understand how to support your body to make it work better!

It’s my ultimate program for bringing your core back to its former glory, and I’ll give you to tools to help maintain this for LIFE.

About Shira

Hello, I'm Shira Kramer.

I’m a physiotherapist, industry leader in exercise programming for pre- and post-natal women and global presenter. Over 15 years ago, I founded BeActive, a physio clinic focused on the health and wellness of women, and dedicated to helping mums stay active at various stages of their pre-and post-natal journey.


Let’s kick start your fitness post-baby

When your baby is born, it’s a beautiful but challenging time. There’s a whole lot going on – hormones, fatigue, life changes and physical demands – it’s no wonder a Mum’s fitness gets pushed down the priority list pretty quickly.

The Mums I work with are frequently in a hurry to ‘lose weight, tone up and get rid of the mummy tummy’ but they really need guidance on how to achieve that in a sensible and healthy way.

I also want Mums to realise that while we all want that flat tummy, strengthening your core is important not just because of aesthetics but because it makes you feel strong – and like yourself again.

That’s why I created Restore Your Core, my signature online exercise program for postnatal Mums to help them kick start their recovery and fitness and build a strong and functional core.


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Find out more about what we cover in our 8-week online program to kick-start your recovery and fitness post-baby! The answers to your questions are here.

Do you want to feel fit, strong and active?

Let’s learn how to get rebuild your core after childbirth, feel good about fitness again and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.

About Shira

One of Australia’s leading physiotherapists and fitness professionals, and a mum of two boys, Shira understands how to help women to regain their strength after childbirth and empower them to make health and fitness a priority.