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The Restore Your Core program is the result of my 15+ years experience as a physio, helping over 5000 women recover post-childbirth with safe and effective exercise, including restoring core muscle function and diastasis recti (DRAM) recovery.

Program FAQs

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Who is this NOT for?

This isn’t a fat-blasting, ab-crunching exercise class for hardcore Instagrammers – because that kind of approach could actually be slowing down or harming your recovery. I don’t adhere to a shred and burn kind of mindset – it’s about nurturing and understanding your body and how it works.

It’s not for people that want to smash out a high intensity cardio session week after week, or Mums who want to solve their core and pelvic floor muscle issues in a week. This is stuff that lasts – it’s not a quick fix.

It’s a restorative, online program for postnatal Mums and women who want to develop a strong core for life.

What is Restore Your Core?

The Restore Your Core program is the result of my 10+ years experience as an industry leading physio, helping over 5000 women recover post-childbirth with safe and effective exercise, including restoring core muscle function and diastasis recti (DRAM) recovery.

For 8 weeks you will have access to instructional exercise videos, bonus material to help support and enhance your training, and tips from me to help you get the results you are looking for.

You will also have access to exclusive interviews and tips from popular blogger, Sophie Cachia (also known as The Young Mummy), and Rebecca Judd, model, presenter, entrepreneur and mum of 4 (including twins!).

What is the cost?

For less than $2 per day you can have complete access to the Restore Your Core program. That’s just $13.63 per week, with entire program costing just $149. Payment is a once off!

Do I need medical clearance before commencing the Restore Your Core program?

I highly recommend that you seek medical clearance first from the medical professional in charge of your prenatal and postnatal care. This is often addressed in your first appointment postnatally. Ideally, you should also consult with an appropriately qualified and experienced physio who can check your situation and offer you more specific guidance.

How many times per week do I need to complete the exercises?

Over the 8 weeks, there are 5 exercises for each session so it’s easy, gentle and totally achievable. To get the most out of the program, I highly recommend that you do these exercises once to twice a day on most days of the week. It’s great if you can also add some low impact cardio to improve your overall fitness, so try walking 20 to 30 mins each day when you’re ready.

How soon can I start the Restore Your Core program post-birth?

You can start my program directly after childbirth or as soon as you feel ready to start moving. If you’ve had a C-section (or experienced extensive tearing), just start once the stitches have healed (usually about 4 to 6 weeks after delivery) or when your doctor gives you the green light.

What is abdominal separation (rectus diastasi/DRAM)?

Abdominal separation is one of the most common conditions that I see in pregnant and postnatal patients. Officially called diastasis of the rectus abdominis muscle (DRAM), an abdominal separation is the pulling apart of the long muscle in the middle of your abdominal wall that occurs during pregnancy or birthing. In most cases, women do not realise they have abdominal separation until they are assessed by a medical consultant or appropriately qualified and experienced physio. Look for signs of a severe abdominal separation, such as a triangle-shaped protrusion down your belly – this will look like a bulge in the centre of the abdomen, particularly when curling forward. Persistent back pain, pelvic girdle pain, a hernia or a protrusion are also indicators of a persistent separation. A persistent separation occurs when the gap is more than two finger widths and is slow to close. This can take up to a year or longer to recover from. Large or multiple babies can contribute to the severity, with the gap widening up to 10cm.

The Restore Your Core program is a safe and effective method to help manage abdominal separation. The exercises prescribed are tailored to promote DRAM recovery, and should be used in conjunction with appropriate abdominal muscle support and if required, a consultation with a physio.

If left untreated, DRAM can have all sorts of implications such as pelvic floor dysfunction (occurs in 66% of patients with DRAM), back and pelvic girdle pain, and hernias. This may be a factor in persistent postnatal lumbar, pubic symphysis and sacroiliac pain, and even incontinence, due to the interaction of the pelvic floor and abdominal musculature as part of the core.

I have completed the Restore Your Core program, when can I return to running or high impact exercise?

The recommendations for returning to running and high impact exercise is a minimum of 3-6 months. The reason for this is that it is imperative to allow repair of your abdominal and pelvic floor muscles. The pelvic floor stress test (included in the Restore Your Core program) will give you an indication of whether you are ready.

Your physio can assess you and give you more specific guidelines and preparation exercises depending on your goals

Product FAQs

What type of payments do you accept for goods purchased?

Payments for products purchased through the Restore Your Core program can be made through the two gate ways offered on our site; eWay and Stripe. Restore Your Core accepts Visa And Mastercard.

When will my order be delivered?

Once your order is placed please allow 3 days for delivery to metro areas and up to 5 days for delivery to outer regional areas and Western Australia as goods are shipped from the East Coast.

What happens if an item I have ordered is out of stock?

Our website removes out of stock items from our online store, but occasionally at the same time as you place your order. If an item on your order is out of stock, we will first notify you and will ship any other products ordered and when the item returns to stock we will ship it to you free of charge. We will reserve any payments made for an out of stock product.

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Please refer to our returns policy under terms and conditions to access information related to this.

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In the event that you have experienced an error message when placing your order please contact to confirm receipt of your order and also to see if our team can provide you with any further assistance.

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Does Restore Your Core ship products internationally?

I am sorry but currently we only service Australia Wide for products

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Please refer to our terms and conditions for return policy. If a return is in line with our Terms and conditions, Restore Your Core offers free returns for goods. For more information please contact

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Once your order is submitted it is received by our distribution centres and shortly thereafter your order will be picked, packed and dispatched to our shipping provider, Australia Post.

It may only be a few hours from the time you submit your order to the time your order is dispatched to our shipping provider. Please email us immediately at if you have placed an order and you wish to change or cancel it. If your order has not been dispatched to our shipping provider, we MAY be able to change your order, including cancelling it.

Which Gym ball is suitable for my height?

The recommend hight for a 55cm gym ball is 5’-5-7’ Tall, for a 65cm gym ball 5’ 8” -6 Tall & 75cm Ball more than 6ft. All items can be purchased on Restore Your Core’s online store.

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